Thursday, July 18, 2013


Some photos from our vacation in Maine.  We had so much fun swimming in the lake, going to story land and just relaxing with the family.  Here are just some of the highlights.

Dad catches the big one.  Ok, well.  Maybe not the biggest one.

slip n' slide

Luna smiled a lot.

This cake was delicious.

The boys and grampy scope out which piece they want.

Twins!  Rich and Rob turn 70!

Grammy comes through with the knife.  Look out!

Tia chills on the dock.

The cousins contemplate life.

"I think I like swimming"

Auntie Claudia warms up the pup.

When there is only a shower, sometimes it is necessary to improvise.

Moose!  The Maine Wildlife Park.  A great day trip located in Gray, Maine. 

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  1. Love them all. What a wonderful family of very dear friends.